Our KS3 curriculum builds on vocabulary and structures taught at primary school. We are mindful that pupils from our different feeder schools have different starting points and so take the opportunity to revisit and expand knowledge at the start of KS3.

Our Inspire Session each Thursday Week B is Language Leaders. The group is made up of students from Baysgarth school, who are keen to work with primary aged pupils. They prepare to teach a topic area in either German or French and make visits to local primary schools to teach their lessons. This builds their confidence and also helps primary pupils to make the transition to secondary school, as they already know some of the students. Primary pupils also have the opportunity to visit the school to receive some of our Language Leader lessons.

Primary School pupils from our feeder schools have the opportunity to visit Baysgarth and watch a French play alongside our Year 7 students. The play, performed by Onatti Productions consolidates learning for both our Year 7 students and the Primary pupils.

KS4-KS5 and beyond

With the introduction of a paperless environment in MFL, all of our KS4 students have the Computer Literacy skills needed for the world of work, from working in Google Docs to word process, to creating spreadsheets in Google Sheets and creating websites using Google Sites.

Students are taught all of the grammar knowledge needed to succeed at KS4, as well as prepare them for the challenges that the KS5 courses offer.

Trips and visits to local colleges and universities open our students' eyes to what studying languages past life at Baysgarth has to offer.